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  1. The Negarestan Museum of Qajar Dynasty Arts.
  2. The Carpet Museum of Tehran.
  3. The Tehran Museum of Ancient Ceramics and Glasses.
  4. The Reza Abbassi Museum of post and pre-Islamic art works.
  5. The Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts.
  6. The Khorram Abad Museum of Ancient Luristan Bronzes.
  7. The Cultural Center of Niavaran.
  8. The Cultural Center of Baghe-Ferdows.
  9. The Marmar Palace Cultural Center.
  10. The Museum of Persian Handicrafts Shiraz,
  11. The Museum of Modern Arts also in Shiraz
  12. The Museum of Modern Sciences in Tehran.
Activities and services of Her Majesty Queen Farah Pahlavi during the reign of His Majesty Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi: Her management and operational activities have included the creation and management of more than 34 important and powerful organizations such as:
  1. Organization for environmental protection and environmental education of Farah Pahlavi
  2. Organization for the protection of mothers and infants
  3. National Society for Protection of Children Rights
  4. Ramsar Medical Congress
  5. National Organization for Battling Cancer
  6. National Organization Aiding Victims of Leprosy
  7. Burn Victim Organization
  8. National Blood Transfusion Association
  9. Iranian Foundation for International Health
  10. Children’s medical Center
  11. Association for the Blind
  12. Iranian Cultural Foundation
  13. Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults
  14. National Association for Cultural Affairs
  15. Philharmonic Association of Tehran
  16. Imperial Philosophy Committee
  17. Asian Institute
  18. Dialogue of Civilization
  19. The Deaf and Mute Athletic Federation
  20. Arts Festival of Shiraz
  21. Toos Celebrations
  22. People’s National Arts Festival of Isphahan
  23. National Folkloric Association of Iran
  24. Farabi University
  25. Farah Pahlavi University
  26. Cultural Science Center
  27. Deaf Organization
  28. Pastor Health Institute
  29. Dehghani Research Institution
  30. High Council of Scientific Research
  31. High Council of Social Welfare
  32. High Council on Planning and Development
  33. High Council on Tourism
  34. High Council on Education
A review of Her Majesty Farah Pahlavi’s activities in the Medical field:
  1. Farah Pahlavi opens the Ramsar Medical Conference of the year 1350
  2. Farah Pahlavi visits the “Baba Baghi Leprosy House”
  3. Farah Pahlavi visits the nurses of Kermanshah Hospital
  4. Farah Pahlavi visits an orphanage in Kerman

  5. The Farah Pahlavi Donation Foundation is a non-profit organization that was incepted in the year 1332 and Her Majesty Farah Pahlavi was the head of this organization. This organization operated as two branches, the first branch was health and nutrition and the second branch concentrated on the education of children. The branch that concentrated on health and nutrition of children was responsible for creating child care and day care. The educational branch was a part of the Revolution of Shah and citizens under the sixth act and was responsible for building boarding schools, the Niavaran Camp, the Shahsavar Camp, Institute for young employees, Vocational centers, and responsible for providing educational grants.

  6. The Committee for protection of the Rights of Mothers and infants was created in 1338 and was responsible to assist with low income families. Her Majesty was also at the head of this organization and this organization was also created after the Revolution of Shah and citizens and concentrated on social healthcare and education and made sure these services are provided at no cost to protect and improve the life of mothers and infants, This organization also achieved great milestones which included Building of modern maternity wards and hospitals even in the most remote areas of the country. They also built Maternity and Birth Institutions and trained nurses.

  7. The Institution for the Protection of Rights of Children was created in the year 1331 in Iran and was also headed by Her Majesty Queen Farah Pahlavi, The purpose of this Institution was to teach health care and educate professionals to train and educate children and young adults. This Institution concentrated on three areas: Education and nutrition for the children, daycare division and a division for the mentally challenged children.

  8. Health Congress of Iran started its operations under the direction of the Pahlavi Foundation in 1331 and was created to concentrate on rural ailments and study the different medical conditions of rural people at their respective areas and to seek the proper medical care for them, This organization met every year at Ramsar with her Majesty as its Chairperson. Each year a number of internationally known doctors and specialists addressed this event and presented their research. This organization was highly respected by the international health organizations.

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